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Career Training

Television Production Experience

For High School & College Students

From The Four-Village Area


Bellerose, Floral Park, South Floral Park, Stewart Manor

Invaluable, real-world, career training is available for local students at Four Village Studio. High school students can learn many head-start skills, obtain basic industry knowledge and gain practical experience prior to their college studies. College students can obtain advanced hands-on experience, get curriculum advice and entry-level occupational guidance to augment their undergraduate studies. Many college students majoring in media studies have earned internship credits volunteering at the studio.

On-the-job training occurs year-round during numerous program taping sessions. Informal classes in television production are also periodically scheduled. While gaining career-building experience, students can make professional contacts and get industry mentoring from professions associated with the studio.

Four Village Studio has gained a reputation for producing well-trained, entry-level, television professionals. As a feeder of the industry, the studio has guided many local students toward their first professional jobs. Current television pros are always welcomed to join the 4VS staff. TV pros can help train students, improve their own teaching skills and give back to the community as well as their chosen industry.